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For a full list of charges for landing, parking, hangarage, cleaning, current fuel prices and other fees, please forward a request via our enquiry form and these can be sent in MS Excel or PDF format via e-mail, by return.

London Oxford remains GA-friendly with competitive fees, especially at the weekends where for light, piston-engined aircraft, charges are waived if taking on a typical fuel uplift. Residency at Oxford with 10 inclusive landings a month costs £169 (+ VAT) a month on firm, regularly cut, well-drained grass.

Oxford accepts, Amex, Visa and MasterCard along with Avcard (World Fuel Services), UV Air, Colt International, Multiservice and Air BP Sterling Card.

The current Landing, Parking & Hangarage fees/rates can be downloaded as follows:

• General & Business Aviation Fees & Charges - (PDF)

• Commercial Airline Fees & Charges - (PDF)

NEW - London's only licensed downtown heliport, the London Heliport, is now jointly owned and operated with London Oxford Airport. We now offer fantastic deals when using both - for visiting jets being met by a helicopter destined for, or originating from the Heliport, the jet pays just 50% of the normal landing fee at Oxford (75% if under 15 tonnes), the helicopter pays nothing at Oxford and just 50% of the associated landing fee at the heliport. The combined savings can pay for the helicopter shuttle in the first place - a 25min run in and out of central London. For owners of both jets and helicopters accessing London, we offer exceptional combined residency packages - e-mail for further information.

For The Airport's Standard Terms and Conditions see here (PDF 344Kb).

Fuel Pricing - Oxford's fuel prices are adjusted weekly (Tuesdays) in line with the Platts standard index. Visiting, non-resident aircraft receive a 2p/litre discount on uplifts over 1,500 litres. Airport-based aircraft enjoy a 7.5% discount off posted Jet A1 prices - call (01865 290 660) / e-mail for latest price. See global Jet A1 fuel price trends here.

International non-EU operators seeking to reclaim UK VAT on goods/services rendered can do so using HMRC/VAT65A form and referring to Guidance Notes.

For the light piston GA market, a summary of the current basic charges is shown below.

Prices exclude VAT unless otherwise indicated:

Light Single Piston
(under 2730 Kg / 6,000 lbs)
Light Twin Piston
(under 2730 Kg / 6,000 lbs)
Landing Fee
(week day)
Landing Fee
£12 incl. VAT*
£24 incl. VAT
* Note: Weekend rates free if buying 45 litres or more fuel per landing
Overnight Hangarage
Residential Parking
£169 / month*
£252 / month (unlimited)
£252 / month*
Residential Parking
£225 / month*
£335 / month (unlimited)
£335 / month*
* Note: Residential parking fees include 10 free landings per month
£0.59/sq.ft./month (min £375/month)*
£0.59/sq.ft./month (min £375/month)*
* Note: Residential hangarage fees include 10 free landings per month
< 1 hr
Call-out (>1 hr)
Licensed extensions*
*Cat 1 RFFS only – higher RFF = higher fees

Note: Aircraft on Residency Agreements, if undertaking more than 10 landings a month, benefit from a 35% discount on any additional landings that month (i.e. £10.73/landing for singles and £26.00 for twins under 6,000 lbs MTOW).

For the Business Aviation sector (turboprops & jets), landing fees and in particular parking fees remain particularly competitive when compared with commercial hubs and the prominent ‘London’ airports.

As a comparison, the table below shows figures sought by Business Jet Traveller magazine from various airports and FBOs around London for a Dassault Falcon 900 with four passengers needing to park for 24 hours. It included landing, parking, passenger and handling fees:

Total Charge
Drive Time*
London (SW1/W1)
Drive Time*
London (M25/M40)
Heathrow $2,797 24 mins 10 mins
London City $2,700 26 mins 47 mins
Stansted $2,523 59 mins 56 mins
Northolt $2,047 21 mins 7 mins
Luton $1,715 43 mins 26 mins
Biggin Hill $1,332 43 mins 50 mins
Farnborough $1,180 45 mins 28 mins
Southend $910 67 mins 65 mins
Oxford $792 63 mins 39 mins

* Drive time calculated using Microsoft AutoRoute Express – no allowance is made of the increased congestion on key arterial routes such as M1, M11, M25 and M3 which put some competing airfields at a disadvantage to Oxford. For instance, the M1 to Luton is 120% busier and the M3 to Farnborough 70% busier than the M40 to Oxford Airport – DfT data.

April 2013 - Air Passenger Duty (APD) is now being levied in the UK on most flights in aircraft above 5.7 tonnes MTOW. It is the aircraft operator's responsibility to fulfil their obligations to pay the APD, either directly with the UK Customs and Revenue (HMRC), or through their appointed flight planning organisation (or another UK financial/administrative representative). Neither the airport (OXF/EGTK), nor the handling company or Fixed Based Operation (FBO) will take any responsibility whatsoever for collecting APD on behalf of the airport users.

General Enquiries:   T: +44 (0)1865 290 600 / 710
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