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The British Helicopter Advisory Board offers this ‘Code of Conduct’ to all civil pilots, commercial or private, and is aimed at showing an environmentally conscious public that helicopter operations are also aware of the need to preserve the environment from unnecessary noise intrusion.  The whole helicopter industry must demonstrate a responsible and co-operative attitude to this situation, and it can best be done by observing the Code of Conduct at all times, but particularly in urban areas.
  1. ALWAYS FLY AS HIGH AS POSSIBLE consistent with the weather and other factors.  This will reduce your projected noise at ground level, and also give you more scope to find a suitable landing site in the event of emergency

  2. ALWAYS AVOID POPULATED AREAS if possible.  You owe it to the public to help to preserve the environment.  You will also find more landing sites out in the open in the event of an emergency.

  3. NEVER BANK SHARPLY if you can avoid it.  The sharp deflection from level flight will cause a rise in your aircraft’s noise signature.

  4. ALWAYS GET AIRBORNE TO HEIGHT AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE consistent with a safe climb speed.  This will reduce your noise footprint and increase your safety.

  5. ALWAYS LAND AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE once you know your landing area is clear.  Again, this will limit your noise footprint and please both your passengers and air traffic control.

  6. NEVER STRAY FROM ACKNOWLEDGED ROUTES or you are sure to be spotted and risk complaint.  Short cuts could prove to be an aggravation to you as well as those on the ground.

  7. ALWAYS WARN PEOPLE OF YOUR ARRIVAL IF POSSIBLE if you want to be welcomed.

  8. ALWAYS TAKE TIME TO TALK TO INTERESTED PARTIES ABOUT HELICOPTERS.  The public’s interest in all forms of aviation, especially helicopters, provides a great opportunity to extol the virtues of rotorcraft.

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