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For larger jets requiring near maximum fuel uplifts for westbound transatlantic operations, London Oxford Airport recommends the option to stop-off via Shannon in Ireland where uniquely, US Preclearance (Customs/Immigration/Border Protection) can be undertaken for access as a domestic flight once in the US. After typically a brief 45 minute flight due west from Oxford, one can arrive at Shannon on Ireland’s west cost for a swift turnaround (around 45 minutes) and all crew and passengers can be cleared by the US authorities, whilst the aircraft is topped-up with enough fuel to go anywhere thereafter in the US for max range/payload capability.

Key benefits of the Shannon stopover are:

  • Takeoff light and short out of Oxford Airport (OXF/EGTK) for a quick, west-bound routing, away from the congested London Terminal Manoeuvring Area (LTMA) – easier access, fewer airspace related hold-ups.
  • Shannon was the first airport in the world to offer full U.S. preclearance for business aviation
  • Fly into the US to over 200 approved airports as a ‘domestic’ flight saving considerable time and trouble on arrival in the US
  • Competitive fuel pricing – typically 20% less than UK GA/FBO costs and VAT/Tax Free - money saved on fuel more than compensates for stopover costs
  • Offers efficient and cost effective transatlantic route optimisation
  • Seven days / week availability of US preclearance service
  • No sots, no noise constraints, no traffic delays, no curfews
  • 24 hour operations
  • 3,200m/10,500ft runway for maximum MTOW, maximum fuel or passenger load
  • One of the best open weather records of all European airports

For all information on the option of a Shannon tech-stop and US customs/immigration preclearance there, contact:

Shannon Aviation – Joe Buckley or Declan Power
e-mail: /
Tel: +353 61 712 295
Fax: +353 61 712 282
Mob: +353 87 637 5840

US CBP Direct: +353 61 771 946

Shannon Airport Operations: +353 61 712 240 (MET: +353 61 712950)

FBO/Fuel /Handling Support: Signature Flt Support or Westair Aviation

General Enquiries:   T: +44 (0)1865 290 600 / 710
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