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AN-26 cargo plane at London Oxford Airport

Oxford has seen regular air courier, air freight and air cargo services over decades. Larger aircraft types that routinely use the airfield today include the AN-26, HS748, Dash 7/8, DC-3, ATR-42/72, Shorts Skyvan/330/360 and BAe 146 amongst several others. A notable advantage for Oxford is the ability to offer extended opening hours from 06:00 to midnight, significantly longer than several other London region airports. Belt loaders, baggage/cargo trolleys and three mast forklift are available on-site. Payloads of up to 20 tonnes or more can comfortably be bought into or out of Oxford's 1592m runway.

Post and parcel services, along with emergency freight of urgent documents or components are routinely undertaken. Oxford Airport is the key port for emergency 'just-in-time' supplies to the local motor industry with the likes of BMW Mini (Oxford) and Honda (Swindon) working closely with logistics service companies such as Evolution Time Critical. Similarly, the medical industry and research community around Oxford, with the largest concentration of such activities in Europe, routinely need access to the airport for emergency supplies. It is the fastest port of call for any plant, business or industry within at least a 30-40 mile radius of Oxford, as the only commercial airport found between Heathrow, Birmingham, Southampton and Luton airports.


Tel: 01865 842 887
Fax: 01865 370 642

AirMed, the resident freight operator, offer an air cargo service throughout Europe, flying urgent freight up to 1200kg. With the relaxation of the EC rules, freight can be freely sent with the minimum of paperwork and without any delays associated with shipping agents and forwarders at major airfields. The aircraft is dedicated to your goods and the timetable is completely flexible to suit your needs.

The freight capacities of Airmed's fleet are:

  • Cheyenne IIIA - up to 1200kgs
  • Cheyenne IIXL - up to 900 kgs

In July 2007 AirMed became approved as a charter carrier under The Pet Travel Scheme. After working closely with Defra, AirMed is now able to offer this service to its clients who have expressed the desire to take their pets, who are part of the Pet Passport Travel Scheme (PETS), abroad with them.

AirMed has chosen popular destinations in France, Germany and Spain as approved routes back into the PETS clearance facilities at London Oxford Airport, with the intention to add further destinations across Europe on request.

For more information regarding the Pet Passport Scheme, please visit the DEFRA website.

Light freighter types that have recently visited Oxford

Antonov An-24
Shorts 360
BAe 748
BAe 146-100/200
Casa C-212
Antonov An-74

General Enquiries:   T: +44 (0)1865 290 600 / 710
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