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Oxford hosts several companies with expertise in the operation, management and support of aircraft, in particular business aircraft (jets and turboprops) and helicopters. Both established aircraft owners and first-time buyers routinely wish to employ the services of third parties to minimise the hassle and hurdles of flight operations, acquisition and disposal of aircraft. Such companies and individuals exist at Oxford with specialist expertise in particular aircraft models or areas of operations. For engineering and technical support on most general and business aviation aircraft, please see our Maintenance & Spares section. For aircraft sales, brokerage, acquisition and disposal, please see our Aircraft Sales section.

For other support services, we recommend the following for independent advice and consultancy:

Jet Connections Aviation Services

Jet Connections specialises in the Sale and Acquisition of Private Aircraft with over 20 years of Aviation experience. Jet Connections can offer Access to privileged non-market information ensuring optimized aircraft selection and advantageous pricing. Guidance on pre purchase inspection strategy and advice on offer/contract technical language and other related documentation. Negotiate warranty terms and conditions for new aircraft deliveries while also providing knowledgeable and practical advice during every phase of interior refurbishment/upgrade or initial outfitting. Jet Connections provides full Aircraft Management with turn-key operation.

Jet Connections offer unmatched Broker and Charter solutions in an ever changing market. With over 20 years Aviation experience Jet Connections can offer you a host of benefits saving you not only money but time. Being independent brokers Jet Connections have access to over 100 executive jets ranging from a 6 seat Cessna Citation to a 42 seat Boeing Business Jet, Available at a moment’s notice 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all your charter needs no matter how big or small.

Jet Connections operate a successful Aircraft Valet Department specialising in Interior and Exterior cleaning. Jet Connections can offer a full cleaning solution ranging from Interior spot cleaning and stain removal, Dry or Wet Wash systems for the exterior, Bright Work and turn around. Jet connections pride themselves on using certified aviation products and providing an independent power supply for any request.

Tel: 01865 377 542 (24Hrs)
Fax: 01865 841 966
e-Mail: info@jetconnections.co.uk

General Enquiries:   info@londonoxfordairport.com   T: +44 (0)1865 290 600 / 710
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