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For Convenience, Ease of Access & Logistics:

  • The ‘London’ alternative - We won’t pretend that Oxford (OXF) is as close to central London as London City (LCY) Heathrow (LHR) or Northolt (NHT) – but in driving-time terms, there is usually little difference compared with the likes of Farnborough, Luton, Biggin Hill or Stansted if heading to or from the west end of the capital. It is also easier and often faster to access by air, outside of the London TMA - a lot less expensive too.
    • If your ‘London’ origin or destination is in London’s north-west sector, in particular the boroughs of Hillingdon, Hounslow, Harrow, Ealing, Brent, Hammersmith, Kensington & Chelsea, including the residential areas of Hampstead, Notting Hill, Holland Park, Highgate, St. John’s Wood, Bayswater, Paddington, Marylebone, Mayfair, Maida Vale, Primrose Hill, Knightsbridge, Brompton and Belgravia, the 40 miles from Greater London to Oxford Airport is served via the M40 motorway, the least congested and fastest of all London arterial routes. Accordingly, Oxford Airport is the logical choice for access to these areas. See this map for the London zone where drive-time to Oxford airport is the same or quicker than that for alternative airports around London.
    • From late 2012, a new Thameslink rail service from London’s Marylebone station direct to Kidlington (OXF) will take just 58 minutes with services every 30 minutes.
  • Easier Flight Planning - Routinely London area Eurocontrol slot delays and indirect airways routings to ‘London’ airports can waste more flying time than the little extra it might take to drive from Oxford.   In class G airspace and outside the ever more congested LTMA (London Terminal Movement Area), you'll spend less time in the air getting here (and on the ground), instead of risking being placed in the hold over London
  • Less Congestion - Oxford’s key arterial route into London is the M40 motorway which is statistically less congested than the other routes into the city – diminishing the perceived disadvantage of the extra 15 to 20 miles compared with alternatives...location map (.pdf - 788Kb).  Indeed traffic congestion on the M1 to Luton is statistically 120% more than that on the M40 to Oxford, whilst traffic to Farnborough is 70% more, and to Stansted, 40% more.  Access to Biggin Hill from the west end of London is hampered by urban city traffic for much of the journey
  • London Access - Oxford is around 45 minutes away from the M25 London ring-road and just 45 minutes from access to London tube lines (Piccadilly and Metropolitan)
  • Fastest turnarounds – With the decline in pilot training and other activity by 70% in 10 years, Oxford Airport is now relatively quiet with the primary focus now on serving the business aviation market.  From driving through the entrance gates to taking off down the runway can take as little as 5 minutes.  Turnarounds can take under 10 minutes.  Airside access is always assured and fuel bowsers will be ready the minute you’re chocked
  • Central Location - If London is not your prime destination, Oxford rests equidistant between the industrial centre of the UK at Birmingham (the Midlands) and the capital within the vibrant Thames corridor region, the fastest-growing and most affluent region in the UK
  • Courtesy Car – Luxury courtesy crew car now available on request
  • Chauffeur Services – on site ‘VIP’ and several local companies including standard taxi hire
  • Car Hire - There are 3 hire car companies at the entrance to Oxford airport permitting collection and delivery on arrival and departure
  • Trains – There are three stations within five miles of the airport and Oxford City, with routes to the whole of the UK, is just six miles away.  London trains depart typically every 10 minutes with journey times from only 52 minutes to London’s Paddington Station.  Oxford is one of the top 20 busiest UK city stations
  • Buses – Services to Oxford City every 15 minutes from the airport, whilst oxford boasts more bus services per capita than any other UK city
  • Helicopter Charter – On site services from AS350 Squirrels to Sikorsky S76s with shuttles to London’s Battersea from 22 minutes

For the Passengers:

  • Brand New Terminal – July 2008 - the first dedicated £2.5m business aviation centre at Oxford Airport with 7,000sq.ft of private rooms, lounges, boardrooms, showers and other passenger amenities
  • Ease of access – Just 8 miles off the M40 motorway via dual carriageways (A34/A44) straight to the airport entrance...location map (.pdf - 67Kb)
  • Parking – Free and secure car parking - fenced off private bays available overnight if required
  • Security – 24hr manned security with CCTV on all airport access points and all car parks. Oxford in fact has the only FBO terminal in the UK with a full time manned Special Branch police office within the FBO facility, providing instant, discrete and seamless close protection and intelligence support for VVIP and Head of State operations.
  • Meetings or Conferences – Several on-site options from five to sixty seats, or a multitude of local venues from high-tech or world-class to stately homes or sports stadiums.  Blenheim Palace is just 1.5 miles away for the ultimate venu
  • Privacy & Lounges – One of the most private and discreet airports with swift, no notice airside access for vehicles at all times, assuring the highest degree of anonymity can be retained – nobody needs to see you arrive or depart in practice.  New private rooms/lounges & meeting rooms available on request

For the Pilots & Crew:

  • Airspace - clear of the very busy controlled central London area (LTMA) with easier access in class G airspace with reduced pilot workloads - a 50% reduction in local flight activity since 2000, 70% over the last 10 years.  More direct routings and fewer Eurocontrol delays routinely save more flying time than the little extra it might take to drive to London.  There's no holding for those airliners to move in first!
  • Brand New Runway – a 5,095ft/1,553m runway (5,551 ft/1,692m with undershoots) with New Cat 1 ILS and approach lighting, NDB/DME, PAPI, hi-intensity night lighting and local BZN radar (LARS)...more
  • ATC - One of the most experienced teams and the most comprehensive ATC cover for a GA/BizAv airport in the UK having been used to coordinating over 1,000 movements a day in the recent past
  • Access Times – good normal opening times from 06:30 hrs to 22:30 hrs local - but with no opening hour limitations between 06:00 hrs to midnight, so extensions or call-outs can be easily accommodated with notice.  Better availability than Farnborough, Biggin Hill, London City or Northolt and virtually all other aerodromes in the South East UK
  • Capacity – No capacity limitations (Oxford once had the busiest runway in the world with over 230,000 movements) and especially no weekend limitations - in contrast to several 'London' alternatives such as Farnborough, London City and Northolt
  • Stage II Aircraft and Noise Limits – All aircraft types permitted without restriction or penalties.  Also no APU or thrust reverser usage restriction
  • Customs, Immigration & Special Branch – Oxford is a GA Agreement (Customs Concession) airport where with the requisite notice; access is very simple and straightforward.  For Channel Islands, Ireland and Isle of Man flights, Special Branch at the Thames Valley Police HQ are based on site.      
  • Flight Planning and Weather - a new operations desk with highly experienced personnel ready to provide complimentary assistance for all flight planning needs      
  • Hangarage – Currently ad-hoc space available with notice for aircraft up to GV / Global Express size.  Sole, exclusive use facilities also available      
  • Multiple Payment Options – Amex, Visa and MasterCard along with Avcard (World Fuel Services), UV Air, Colt International, Multiservice and Air BP Sterling Card      
  • Fire/RFFS – Normally Cat 4, but higher cover arranged as requested from late summer 2008 to RFFS Cat 6 (G550/Global A318 etc.)      
  • New Crew Amenities – A new lounge, rest area, crew kitchen with ice, milk, coffee etc., IT points. WiFi, DVD/TV/VHS, complimentary refreshments, on-site cash point (ATM), 24-hour vending machines, restaurant open from 6:45am to 7:00pm, outside airside terrace, visiting crew office, bar open to 11:00pm.  Snooze rooms and shower facilities are available in the new terminal, whilst bedrooms are available on-site.      
  • Catering – Both on-site and local third party catering services available with short notice.  The preferred local supplier for aircraft catering is Eagles Inflight.  Local delicatessens and Daylesford Organics offer exclusive (and exquisite) alternatives      
  • Ground Services – In-house GPUs, oxygen, nitrogen, de-icing, toilet, valet services and all normal lubricants, TKS and other supplies available      
  • Business Services – Fax, phone, photocopy, hotel, hire car and other reservation
  • Pilot’s Shop – a well equipped on-site shop with all the charts, maps and equipment you are ever likely to need in Europe      
  • Maintenance Support – OEM service centre support for several models whilst JAA/FAA/EASA line support on Citation, Lear, Challenger, Hawker Beechcraft, Piper, Dassault, routinely available·      
  • Relaxation – on-site sports facility with squash, gym, sauna, solarium and new beauty therapist treatment centre
  • Golf – seven excellent courses within 10 miles and many other activities...more
  • Hotels – over 1000 bedrooms within 5 miles from five star stately homes to $50 bed and breakfast. (on-site B&B available now available)      
  • Food & Drink – literally hundred of restaurants, bars and pubs either in Oxford city or within the surrounding area in country villages and towns within 5 to 20 minutes of the airport      
  • Proximity to Local Services - just 1.5 miles from Woodstock or Kidlington centres with several banks, supermarkets, dry cleaners etc.

For the Aircraft Owner, Finance Director, Shareholders & Accountants:

  • Lower Costs – Typically a half to a third of the costs for landing, parking and handling of the main 'London' airports.  The money you'll save might easily pay for the crew's overnight costs or much more with the larger aircraft models.  As a base resident operator, over a year, one could easily save the equivalent of a crew member's salary.  There are no hidden costs for passenger fees, security or 'airport taxes', weekend premiums or other supplements...more
  • Cheap Aircraft Parking – Far cheaper to stay at Oxford for any duration beyond a couple of days than park up at primary 'London' hubs - even with repositioning costs taken into account.  We'll waive landing fees if you stay for the weekHelicopter shuttles into London can cost less than the daily parking costs for some of the larger jet types at certain London airports.
  • Incentive – Show us your last bill or quote for using Farnborough, Luton, Stansted, Northolt, Biggin Hill, Heathrow or London City (for landing, PAX, handling, and parking fees) and for the same price and services, we'll give one crew member a free night in one of our many local luxury hotels
  • Regular Users – If you anticipate routine visits to Oxford, talk to us about volume-based deals
  • Residents – Office and hangar rental costs typically a third to a half of the costs at the principle London options

Oxford Airport - The Intelligent Alternative

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