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The airport hosts a number of buildings, many originating back to the 1940s, with additional structures put up in the 1960s and 1980s. Most recently, several new hangars have been built increasing the hangar capacity by nearly 80% in the last five years. Eight 'Bellman'-type hangars remain as the principle aviation facilities used for general hangarage of aircraft and engineering purposes. A student accommodation block, Langford Hall, with 180 bedrooms positioned at the entrance to the airfield, has rooms that can be booked for visitors at very low costs via Oxford Aviation Academy - subject to availability. The current control tower and main pilot school block was built in the late eighties. Several 1940s hangar facilities have now been re-clad with refurbishment of hangar doors and new insulated roofs. The Spires Business Park is located on original airfield land at the entrance, whilst the Langford Locks industrial and commercial business park faces the airport across Langford Lane. A considerable amount of first class warehousing and office space is available in just a five minute walk from the airport with new developments regularly being offered.

Airport Hangarage

Residential hangarage can be offered on an ad-hoc, nightly basis on request to operations on 01865 290 660.

Enquiries on full-time residency should be made to info@londonoxfordairport.com

Several new hangar facilities have been built since 2006, sufficient in size to accommodate aircraft up to Gulfstream 550/Global Express size or indeed typical regional airliner types such as the Q400/RJ/146. Individual units or bays from 5,500 sq.ft. to 21,000 sq.ft. are available at Oxford from time to time.

The latest hangars measure 120m by 37m in three bays.

Facilities that could occasionally be made available for sole, exclusive use or for shared occupancy are described in our Hangarage Options sheet (pdf ). Costs and terms can be explained on request by contacting General Enquires on +44 (0)1865 290 600 / 710 or e-mail: info@londonoxfordairport.com

A plan showing current and future hangar locations can be downloaded here (pdf ).

Aircraft Ramp & Apron

Significant new apron space is being created at Oxford Airport (see here - pdf - 1.8MB) with the main apron being doubled in size to accommodate up to 40 or so mid to large size business jets at one time. External parking costs for residents on monthly agreements are very competitive for the South East UK region – for enquiries either e-mail info@londonoxfordairport.com or call +44 (0)1865 290 600 / 710.

Airport Office Space

A program to upgrade and refurbish office space within the confines of the main airfield is ongoing. Availability of rentable space will vary from time to time, but enquiries should be forwarded to General Enquires on +44 (0)1865 290 600 / 710 or e-mail: info@londonoxfordairport.com

Off-site Property

A number of developments, from just a few hundred to tens of thousands sq.ft. are available, providing a mix of warehousing, office space and workshops all along Langford Lane running parallel with the airport. Access to the airport can be just a five minute walk. Contact info@londonoxfordairport.com for further details on property development schemes anticipated in the near future.

The Pilot's Shop

Executive Terminal

The new oxfordjet terminal facility at Oxford Airport was completed in 2008 and offers one the best FBOs (Fixed Base Operation – terminology in business aviation for a handling facility/terminal) in the UK with over 8,000 sq.ft of space devoted to the crews and passengers of private and executive business aircraft. There are three separate rooms and lounges for crews with showers, rest areas, flight planning zones and a crew kitchen. For VIP passengers there is a private bathroom and two private lounges, suitable for groups of up to 30 passengers. For the first time, the airport now has the space to accommodate regular shuttles or charters of typical 50 to 80-seat turboprops or jets utilising the same FBO facility. The premises is licensed to sell alcohol and caters for all possible handling needs including the provision of laundry services, galley cleaning/replenishment, car hire, chauffeur services, hotel reservations.

There are also two meeting rooms and a large reception area which can be hired for meetings and functions.

To see images of the new oxfordjet facility, click here.

Restaurant & On-site Catering

Tel: +44 (0)1865 840 379
Contact: Darren Sprague

The airport’s restaurant caters both to residents and visitors and opens at convenient times from early in the morning (7 am) – good for that full English breakfast. A broad range of healthy and traditional meals are offered along with the provision of several vending machines with drinks and snacks for 24 hour access. Catering can be ordered from the kitchens for both on-site meetings and simple fare for business aircraft operations.

Retail Opening Times

Health & Fitness Club

Tel: 01865 600 526

Vida Health & Fitness Club is the airport’s on-site sports and health club with various gyms, squash courts, exercise studios, solarium and sports hall.

Pilot’s Shop

Tel: +4 (0)1865 841 441
Fax: +4 (0)1865 842 495

Established opposite the airport entrance (behind the Mercedes garage), Airplan Flight Equipment (AFE) now provide a fully stocked shop on the airfield with a full range of charts, navigation equipment, headsets, books, flight cases and other pilot equipment. Their sister company RD Aviation also provides instrumentation fits, repairs, overhaul and panel designs for light GA aircraft, gliders and microlights.

Cash Point (ATM)

Located in the café entrance lobby. Several banks are located within five minutes within both Kidlington and Woodstock.

Meeting Rooms, Classrooms & Lecture Theatres

A number of rooms can occasionally be made available on the airfield to third parties fully equipped with audiovisual equipment. Capacities range from 8 to 60+ people with Oxford Aviation Academy also having two lecture theatres with the latest audio-visual equipment fro either 55 or 155 delegates. See more on on-site meeting facilities here. Call: +44 (0)1865 290 600 or e-mail: customerservices@londonoxfordairport.com for further information.

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General Enquiries:   info@londonoxfordairport.com   T: +44 (0)1865 290 600 / 710
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