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New planning guidelines call for a Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) to be developed as part of the local authority's Local Development Framework (LDF) and the Local Development Documents therein (LDD). The SCI sets out the policy and recommendations for local community involvement in planning assessment and decision making processes. Oxford Airport recognises that any development or evolution of an airport in particular, is of interest to the community at large and therefore intends to keep interested parties informed of forthcoming plans through both our website and direct contact with community representatives. The airport holds reviews with members of an Airport Consultation Committee every four months. The committee consists of nominated, elected representatives from County, City, District and Parish Councils and airport users, the CPRE and OXANAG (the local noise abatement group).

Agreed Development Criteria

In late 2004, Oxford Airport submitted a master planning statement with Cherwell District Council, our local authority, highlighting all the anticipated 'major' developments for the foreseeable future, in practice, a 10+ year vision. That plan highlighted key requirements for more hangar space, other buildings and the installation of precision navigation equipment, namely an Instrument Landing System, along with other infrastructure changes to upgrade and modernise the airport.

As a consequence of submitting the first of these planning applications for a new hangar, we have established set of controls on airport activity through a Section 106 agreement. In partnership with our local authority, Cherwell District Council, we concluded this agreement at the end of 2005, establishing long term commitments on aircraft noise and nuisance mitigation measures at the Airport. The agreement in essence places controls and measures on the following:

  1. Hours of Operation - limits on night time activity between midnight and 06:00 hrs each day. Also a cap on such overnight movements to no more than 500 medevac or air ambulance operations per annum.

  2. Flight Training Circuits - limits on circuits for training purposes after 23:00 hrs and before 07:00 hrs each day.

  3. Total Annual Movements - No more than 160,000 per annum of which no more than 500 can be Stage II or noisier jets and no more than 2000 should be 50 tonne or heavier jets.

  4. Static Testing of Jet Engines - restricted to a specified location on the airfield and limited to no more than 6 hours weekdays and 3 hours at weekends. No such activity should take place before 07:00 hrs or after 19:00 hrs on any day.

  5. Noise and Environmental Issues

Below are highlighted any major or more significant planning applications or airfield developments.

Recent Applications Approved

Below are highlighted any major or more significant planning applications recently approved.

  1. A new (permanent) hangar of 22,000 sq.ft. (approx.) built in a central location within the built-up footprint of the airfield, replacing an established footprint of offices and workshops. Approved - December 2005 / Built - August 2006

  2. A new (temporary/relocatable) hangar of 15,000 sq.ft. (approx.) to be built at the northern side of the built up footprint of the airfield. Approved - December 2005 / Built - April 2006

  3. An Instrument Landing System (ILS) enhancing overall safety of operations and accessibility in poor visibility. Completed June 2007

  4. Resurfacing and widening of main runway to enhance safety and comply with requirements of CAA for Cat 1 ILS installation. Completed June 2007

Applications Pending or Anticipated

Below are highlighted any more significant planning applications submitted, but not yet determined, or those about to be submitted.

  • There are no significant applications pending or anticipated at this time (June 2009)

    Cherwell District Council on-line planning portal can be entered here.

Development Under Part 18, Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995

  1. A new relocatable hangar of 21,000 sq.ft. (approx.) built at the southern end of the built-up area of the airfield on the site of former 1940s facilities – facility completed June 2009.

  2. Widening of the established main apron (aircraft parking area) - notification acknowledged by local authority, July 2009.

  3. A new permanent 120m x 37m (3 bay) hangar facility of 48,000 sq.ft (approx.) built at the southern end of the built up area of the airfield along Langford Lane and immediately behind the Vida health and fitness centre – notification acknowledged by local authority, March 2010. Completion due end 2010.

It should be noted by local developers in the region surrounding Oxford Airport (within a 20 miles radius) that it is the airport’s intent to install a surveillance radar system in the near term to enhance control, monitoring and use of our local airspace, thereby ensuring safer operations. This is in part relating to the anticipated increased usage of RAF Brize Norton. The 30km (20 mile) zone surrounding the airport must be safeguarded in accordance to Civil Aviation Authority regulations. This may have impact on the viability of certain proposals for larger wind turbine generators, associated wind farms, indeed any tall constructions. Already today, the airport should be informed of any temporary erections (such as cranes) over 10m height with a 6km (4 mile) radius of the airport.

All details relating to the above applications are readily available from either the Cherwell District Council website, or on request to Oxford Airport who are happy to provide all drawings, photographs and other relevant details to an application.

For any further questions relating to current development plans, please contact:

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The following information intends to highlight both ongoing and imminent planning issues relating to Oxford airport, with the view to facilitating a dialogue with the local community and other, relevant, interested organisations.
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