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A number of business jet operators and charter clients prefer to land and park at Oxford, then take one of our based helicopter shuttles into London’s Battersea Heliport, typically a mere 22 - 28 minute ride.

For larger jets in particular, the cost of the helicopter shuttle is often offset by the savings made through parking at Oxford rather than at one of the key ‘London’ airports like Luton where FBO ramp space is often scarce and non-FBO parking particularly expensive. If leaving their own aircraft parked up in the UK (and near London in particular) for more than a day, the savings through doing so at Oxford can be considerable. The option of the helicopter link becomes a very attractive alternative into the heart of the city.

Outside of the London TMA (terminal movement area) with no capacity or slot constraints, access to Oxford is generally easier and more flexible, whilst costs for access are markedly lower than the mainstream London options.

Passengers also often wish to interline with scheduled long-haul flights and likewise opt to land at Oxford and take the helicopter shuttle direct to airside to Luton or Heathrow for the fastest transition between the business jet and the airline gate – without the costs and constraints of trying to access those airports with their own aircraft.

Costs from Oxford*:

From £1,465 - £1,960 +VAT
From £1,440 - £ 1935 +VAT (20 minutes)
From £1,315 - £1,810 +VAT (20 minutes)
* Costs assume travel during published operating hours. Waiting time of more than 15 minutes will incur additional charges.

Typical helicopters available on-site include:

AS350B ‘Single’ Squirrel

  • 5 passengers/1 Pilot
  • 4 passengers/2 Pilots (3 passengers only - Battersea)
  • 120 kts (138 mph) – single engine, day VFR only

AS355 ‘Twin’ Squirrel

  • 5 passengers/1 Pilot
  • 4 passengers/ 2 Pilots
  • 120 kts (138 mph) – twin engine, IFR


  • 6 passengers/1 pliot
  • 5 passenger/2 pilots
  • 135 kts (155 mph) – twin engine, IFR

Larger types can be made available on request such as the S76 A109, EC155 etc.

For quotes and availability please contact the following companies:

Capital Air Services

One of the region’s longest established charter operators specialising in helicopters, Capital Air Services operate a number of single and twin engined helicopters with seating from four to nine passengers.

They cater for a multitude of requirements from business trips around the UK including London’s heliport and Heathrow, to events like the Cheltenham races and the British Grand Prix.

Tel: 01865 370 739
Fax: 01865 370 478


Fresh Air

FreshAir UK provide Jet and Helicopter charter solutions to suit all needs and bank balances. We have teamed up with Fresh Air to bring some amazing offers and experiences to you. Tours include an English Heritage Tour, an Oxford city tour and shuttles to London Battersea.

Click HERE for further details of Fresh Air shuttles and tours.

Tel: +44 (0)1869 365 780
Mobile: +44 (0)751 532 8139 (24hr)

Alternatively, quotes can be sought from PremiAir, also based at Oxford Airport, Blackbushe, Denham and the London Heliport.

General Enquiries:   T: +44 (0)1865 290 600 / 710
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