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At London Oxford Airport there are different parking zones depending on the nature of your visit. Please use the appropriate zone as directed below. All vehicles entering and leaving the site are recorded by Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras (ANPR).

See - Airport Parking Plan

Airline Passengers

Airline passenger car parking is provided in car park ‘M1’, directions for which can be given on arrival at the airport security gate/reception, or see site plan here (pdf - 325KB). It is under a two minute (250m) walk from 'M1' to the terminal. *It is recommended that fellow passengers and bags/luggage be dropped off first if preferred at the terminal entrance, then vehicle and driver can return to the ‘M1’ car park. Parking is free for the first hour, then £1.50/hr to 5 hrs, then £7.50/5-24hrs, or £35 per full week. Payment can be made either on arrival, or just before vehicle leaves the car park at the Pay Point at the entrance. Alternative payment methods are:

Payment in advance, on day of arrival, or any time prior to car park exit. Note, you just need to know the duration of your intended stay, there is no need to input specific dates:

By Phone - Call 0871 434 4372 extension 100 and enter upon prompts your vehicle registration, duration of stay and credit/debit card details, or e-mail:


Online - here and complete form with your vehicle registration, duration of stay and credit/debit card details.


By Cash or Card - pay via the Pay Point at the entrance to the car park - coins (no notes) or credit card only

*Note: No baggage trolleys are currently available in the passenger car park M1 which is 2 minutes walk (250m) from the terminal building. We recommend drivers dropping off fellow passengers first at the terminal entrance, then parking up in car park 'M1'.

If Car Park 'M1' is full, move to adjacent Car Park 'J' and follow instructions displayed at entrance to car park 'J'. All payment options are the same as those for M1.

Business/General Aviation (Private Flight) Passengers

Parking for private flight passengers is provided in the Terminal car parking zone, immediately adjacent to the terminal ('FBO', 'oxfordjet' facility). Passengers leaving vehicles in this zone must give their registration details, aircraft/operator identification and drivers name to the Customer Services (VIP Reception) desk on arrival and leave their vehicle keys with reception. This is a mandatory requirement under UK Department for Transport (DfT) legislation.

Other Airport Visitors / Users

If visiting any company on the airport, please call them first prior to arrival for their own parking arrangements. If visiting Oxford Aviation Services (the airport itself), please call our reception on 01865 290 600 for direction on parking and clarify who at the airport you are visiting. In all instances, we will need the relevant vehicle registration details.

For those visiting the airport who have not made prior parking arrangements in advance with the company they may be visiting, please park in car park 'J' where the first two hours are free, then fees are due at £1.50/hr from 2 to 5 hrs, then £7.50/5-24hrs, or £35 per full week. Payment options are as per car park M1 above.

General Enquiries:   T: +44 (0)1865 290 600 / 710
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